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Industries & Applications


Industries & Applications

We provide the entire Southeastern states of Georgia and Florida with fans, blowers, fan accessories, and numerous vital components for air movement systems.

While all of our customers are similar in that they each have a need for the equipment we sell and service, each project is different in that customers generally come to us with their own unique needs and requirements. Common examples include sanitary construction for food producers, API construction for chemical and petrochemical plants, and explosion-proof designs for dust control.

Our specialty is working with businesses to select equipment that fits their specific manufacturing requirements - regardless of how customized or challenging those may be, we are always committed to successful outcomes and creating win-win scenarios.

One of the most common fan applications

Dust Collection

Dust Collection Fans are used to move air through even highly-complex and custom designed dust collection systems, such as but not limited to baghouses, cartridges, and cyclones.

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Fans that push or blow air

Forced Draft

Forced Draft Fans are the “pushers and blowers” of the air movement system. The most common applications for these types of fans are Combustion Air, Dilution Air and Tempering Air Systems.

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Air fans for drying equipment

Heating & Drying

Heating & Drying equipment are an essential aspect of many air movement systems that we custom design for our customers. Great examples of these include calciners, rotary dryers, spray dryers, and recirculating fans.

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These are typically the larger fans

Induced Draft

Induced Draft Fans pull or suck air through systems in often extreme and harsh conditions. They require custom design and accessories.

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Fans that are customized to maximize fan life

Material Handling

Material Handling Fans use air to move materials through a system. Materials come in all shapes and sizes with different textures, densities, and other properties.

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Air Pollution Control Systems

Pollution Control

Air Pollution Control is absolutely essential to numerous air movement systems that we supply. Common examples of these include oxidizers, scrubbers, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment. Common requirements include custom materials, high temp designs, and special components.

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